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Warranty policy

Consumers have legal rights under applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods. Such rights are not affected by the Flow Fitness warranty. The reseller of the brand Flow Fitness will supply the Flow Fitness (hereafter referred to as ‘supplier’) express warranty applicable to the purchased fitness equipment. The warranty covers manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for the duration of the warranty period.

Supplier will, in cooperation with the reseller and based on their own assessment, repair or replace a damaged part or product when below conditions are met:

  1. The warranty is only valid when the product is used in a supplier approved user environment. The approved user environment for the product is indicated in the manual of every product. The supplier distinguishes between two different user environments:

    Home use: the product will only be used in a home setting and no more than 8 hours per week.

    Light Commercial Use: The product will only be used by a limited group of users, in an environment such as physiotherapy practices, group homes, schools, hotels, fire stations, police stations and offices.

  2. The warranty period starts on the original purchase date of the product by the first owner.
  3. The warranty will only be valid after sending a copy of the original invoice.
  4. Possible warranty repairs will not lead to an extension of the warranty period.
  5. Under no circumstances will the supplier or the Flow Fitness reseller be responsible for any indirect damage to the owner, such as loss of use or loss of income or other indirect economic effects.

The warranty is voided when:

  • Defects to the product are a result of an incorrect installation or when the instructions, described in the manual, have not been executed correctly.
  • Repairs to the product have been performed by a third party not indicated by the reseller or without the reseller’s written permission.
  • The product is no longer in its original form.
  • The product, per the supplier, has been neglected or has been used, treated and/or maintained carelessly and/or unprofessionally, and/or is showing signs of normal wear.
  • The product has been used in ways other than those described in the manual.
  • The product has been used under different circumstances than those indicated in the manual.
  • Defects result from factors which are out of the suppliers control.
  • Articles of Flow Fitness lose their warranty period when an article is transferred to a new owner. Flow Fitness only grants the warranty to the initial owner on presentation of the original purchase receipt or invoice and not to any secondary owner (art. 6a subsection 1 BW7). 

Product registration
Benefit from excellent service and warranty on your product by registering on 
www.flowfitness.com. This will allow us to register your information in our database so we can help you more precisely and efficiently when there is a possible service issue.

Service issue
A service issue should always be reported to the reseller first, no matter the circumstances. Often, they will be able to resolve the problem directly. When this is not possible, the reseller will report your issue to the supplier. The issue needs to be reported by the reseller via Flow Fitness’s online service portal. To enable them to do so you will need to provide the following information to your reseller:

  1. Product type
  2. Serial number
  3. Purchase date
  4. Name and address
  5. E-mail address
  6. Description of the issue

The issue will not be processed when any of the requested information is missing.

The warranty conditions and service procedures may vary per country. Always check with your local distributor or reseller regarding warranty conditions.

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