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When does your warranty expire?

The right to warranty expires when:

  1. defects have arisen in the product due to incorrect assembly of the device, or when the instructions as described in the accompanying manual have not been followed correctly;
  2. repairs to the product have been made by anyone other than Flow Fitness's designated service agencies or without its written consent;
  3. the Flow Fitness product has been used in a way other than described in the instructions for use;
  4. the Flow Fitness product has been neglected in the opinion of Flow Fitness, or that it has been used carelessly and/or incompetently;
  5. the Flow Fitness product has not been properly maintained;
  6. there is normal wear and tear, or that a part must be replaced on the basis of normal wear and tear;
  7. the Flow Fitness product has been used under conditions other than those described in the accompanying instructions for use;
  8. defects have arisen due to other external factors and which are not at the expense and risk of Flow Fitness.

Some examples that may invalidate the right to warranty:

  • Damage due to incorrect installation,
  • A product for home use is used in a commercial environment,
  • The maximum user weight is overwritten,
  • The product is used outdoors or in a damp room,
  • Sweat and corrosion spots occur due to not cleaning after use,
  • Static electricity from not lubricating the tread,
  • Damage to the tire due to non-centering of the tread,
  • The product is moved without removing the power supply first,
  • Bluetooth connections cannot be established by external signals.

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