If your exercise bike or elliptical cross trainer makes a squeaking or creaking noise, check the following:

Elliptical cross trainer 

Squeaking or creaking is in many cases caused by the plastic cover rubbing against the metal frame or rod. To remedy this, you can spray WD40 oil on it or use our own lubricant, see our website.

Another cause could be dried out hinge points. To be able to do this, in some cases you have to remove plastic caps. This is easy to do yourself. Use lubricant to lubricate the pivot points.

Check that the inner sleeve is properly attached. It is either sometimes not fitted when installed or this sleeve may creep up into the steerer tube. This brings the frame and tube against each other, causing the squeaking or creaking noises.

Elliptical cross trainer/hometrainer 

Check that all bolts are properly tightened. This concerns the bolts of the front and rear legs and of the steerer tube.

Check that the pedals are tightened.