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General maintenance

As with all fitness equipment, a treadmill also requires regular care and maintenance. If you do this regularly, you will enjoy your treadmill for many years to come. First of all, it is important that you clean the treadmill well after every workout. Because the running belt is heavily loaded, it is necessary that it is always well lubricated. All other moving parts also need a good lubrication on a regular basis. We have listed when you have to do what, so that you can continue to train on your treadmill without any problems and with pleasure.

Before and after your training

  • When you place the treadmill on a floor mat, you protect both your floor and the treadmill itself. The mat also muffles the sound. Don't have a floor mat that you can use for this? In our webshop you will find special anti-slip matsThese rubber mats also provide better grip and the collection of perspiration. 
  • Dirt is bad for the running belt. So wear clean shoes when you train on the treadmill. 
  • Fitness equipment does not like moisture. This also applies to treadmills. Therefore, store treadmills in a dry area to prevent rust. 
  • Sweat may get on your treadmill, display, or handles while you exercise. Wipe these parts with a damp cloth after training. Preferably use Shine & Protect. This is a cleaning spray that we have specially developed for all Flow Fitness products. It cleans and disinfects plastic and rubber parts and fitness equipment. You can also quickly and safely remove dirt, sweat and stains from yoga mats and accessories. In addition, materials such as metal, acrylic and carbon fiber get a nice shine. The spray is available in 250 ml bottles. Apply a thin layer of this antibacterial spray, wipe the surface dry with a soft, dry cloth and your treadmill is shining again!

Once every 2 months

  • The  running belt should be lubricated every 1 to 2 months or after every 50 hours of usage. For this we have developed a lubricant spray, called Treatmill Lotion, available in 130 and 420 ml cans. The buses are equipped with a smart nozzle. This is a straw that allows you to inject the belt under the treadmill without removing or loosening the belt. 
  • Folding treadmills require lubrication of the hydraulic mechanism. And vibration can loosen screws. Check all screws on the treadmill and retighten if necessary.


  • Over time, the tension on the treadmill may become too low. This can cause the belt to 'slip': the rollers do turn, but the belt remains stationary. This can lead to the belt no longer turning neatly in the middle. In these cases, the belt must first be realigned and then re-tensioned. This can be done with the supplied Allen key. Tighten the bolts a quarter turn. Prevent the belt from curling, because then it is too tight.
  • An annoying property of a motor is that it sucks in dust. Because the motor is located in a compartment, the collected dust cannot escape and will adhere to, among other things, the printed circuit boards of the motor. This can cause a malfunction where the motor stops. To remove the dust, remove the motor cover by loosening the screws in the cover. Then carefully remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Try to make as little contact as possible with the printed circuit boards, so that they cannot be damaged.

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